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Glass greenhouse for sale

 China commercial solar panel 5mm tempered glass farming

 greenhouse for vegetable growing,Solve the contradiction 

between greenhouse heat preservation and

 light transmission,Good insulation in winter.

Product description

glass green house General Size: ●Span Length: 8m,12m●Bay Length: 4m, 5m, 8m●Gutter Height: 4m-6m 

you can choose greenhouse system:heating system, ventilation system, cooling system,shading system, seedling bench,light system, drip irrigation system, NFT system

Venlo type greenhouse is a large span greenhouse with the most extensive area and the fastest spreading speed, which plays a very important role in realizing the agricultural modernization and promoting the development of rural economy. However, with the continuous diversity of Venlo greenhouse uses and the continuous popularization throughout the country, there are more and more potential safety risks, so it is imperative to verify its safety. Besides, the Venlo greenhouse structure corresponding to the different design in different regions is also an important method to reduce its construction cost. The Venlo greenhouse originated in Venlo Dutch town in the 1950s and was named after it. The article is edited and sorted out by manager Zhang of Jianda greenhouse because of its advanced structure form, developed standardization degree, which is beneficial to realize the agricultural modernization of our country. Compared with the traditional double-slope greenhouse, the Venlo greenhouse is divided into three spires. The greenhouse has small roof, rain trough, long span and steel structure.

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