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Agricultural greenhouse

Agricultural greenhouse information:

1.8m per span 

2.4m per section 

3.top height:6.8m 

4.suroppt custom order

Product description

1.Multi Span Film Greenhouse

This kind of greenhouse is lower cost than PC and GLASS greenhouses. Better at heat preservation in certain regions. We can provide various specifications in terms of span size, bay size, gutter height and roof height. All the systems from cooling system, irrigation system, computer control system and ventilation system, etc. can be provided. We can provide you a turnkey project. For installations, we have professional technicians abroad for guidance. Covering material: 0.15 or 0.2mm plastic filmsingle layer filmdouble layer filminflated double layer film Frame Work: Double side hot galvanized steel structure.

3.If you want a new greenhouse,please let me know below questions:

1. How much your land length and width?

 North and south length(m):         east and western width(m):

2. How much the highest temperature and the lowest temperature?

The highest temperature:       The lowest temperature:

3. How much your local electricity voltage and hertz?

 electricity voltage:        electricity hertz:

4. Do you have bigger wind ?

5. Can you tell me your need greenhouse usage?

6. Do you need irrigation system and supply water system?

4.My information


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