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  • Low Cost Commercial Tropical Sawtooth Greenhouse Structure made in china

Low Cost Commercial Tropical Sawtooth Greenhouse Structure made in china

sawtooth greenhouse the plastic film multi-tunnel greenhouse is simple and practical equipment for cultivation or breeding, it is easy to construct, convenient to use. Tunnel film greenhouse is widely used in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Tunnel greenhouse can provide the conditions of suitable growing.

Product description

Our company is located in the Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China. We design, manufacture and sale complete agricultural facilities solution for global horticultural and agricultural customers. Our main products comprise Glass Multi-Span Greenhouse, PC-sheet Multi-Span Greenhouse, Plastic-film Multi-Span Greenhouse, Plastic Shed, and Solar sawtooth greenhouseetc. Moreover, we also have sawtooth greenhouseMaterials, they can match all the kinds of greenhouse. sawtooth greenhousematerials comprise Skeleton System, Aluminum-Profile System, Covering System, Shading System, Ventilation System, Cooling System, Heating System, Seedbed System & Irrigation System, Hydroponics System.

Jianda sawtooth greenhouseGroup have many kind of greenhoue types, venlo glass/polycarbonate greenhouse, gothic type greenhouse, span type greenhouse, china type sawtooth greenhouseto meet your demands. 

Also we provide all kinds of hydroponics technology: coco peat bags planting, A frame substrate groove planting, floating plate planting and tube line planting.

 Agricultural Large size plastic green house with hydroponics planting gutter

Film sawtooth greenhouseand Hydroponics for hot sale from China

Film Green house with Heating System Film Green house with Heating System Film Green house with Heating System

Popular hydroponics farming: coco peat bags planting for tomatoes/cucumbers/eggplant/peper, A frame substrate groove planting for strawberry/leafy greens, floating plate planting and tube line planting for lettuce/leafy greens.

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