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film greenhouse

FIlm greenhouse information:

1.8m per span

2.4m per section

3.top height:6.8m

4.most cost-efficient

5.sugggestion greenhouse type

Product description

Film multi-span greenhouse foundation and main skeleton

1.Greenhouse base

Considering the factors of heat preservation, economy and beauty of greenhouse, according to the requirements of soil endurance, groundwater level and design load, to avoid uneven settlement of greenhouse, to prevent column distortion and shear deformation ,240 mm of reinforced concrete ring beam is used around the greenhouse. Outside the wall skirt to do 0.5m wide scattered water, gable plus drainage ditch, foundation buried depth of 1.0 m( tentative, according to the actual situation value is greater than the thickness of frozen soil layer). The indoor column of greenhouse adopts 220*220 mm reinforced concrete independent foundation, the buried depth of foundation is 1.0 m( tentative, according to the actual situation), the top of the foundation is pre-buried steel plate or anchor bolt, and the upper steel column  welded or bolted. The elevation of the embedded parts on the strip foundation and independent foundation is 5‰; in the north-south two-way looking for slope, reference to the detailed in the elevation schematic in the foundation plan.

Geological data: this design foundation bearing capacity standard value fka≥100kPa, after the construction slotted must be by Party A, the construction unit and the local geological department in accordance with the relevant construction code inspection slot, if not in accordance with the design must notify the relevant designers to negotiate to resolve.

2.we accept customer require custom order


multi span plastic-film greenhouse




square/rectangle pipe (hot galvanized)

Pipe specification

Calculation to choose


1.5mm 2mm

Side height






Covering material

plastic film

Film-rolling system

Electronic type,chain type,manual type

Shading system

The gear rack drives the shading system

Ventilation system

Side windows and cooling fans

Cooling system

cooling fans and cooling pad

Heating system

Hot water heating,hot air heating,electric heating

irrigation system


Micro-sprinkler system


Control system



Vegetables flowers and other crops

According to the customer's requires to add more functions.

3.If you want a new greenhouse,please let me know below questions:

1. How much your land length and width?

 North and south length(m):         east and western width(m):

2. How much the highest temperature and the lowest temperature?

The highest temperature:       The lowest temperature:

3. How much your local electricity voltage and hertz?

 electricity voltage:        electricity hertz:

4. Do you have bigger wind ?

5. Can you tell me your need greenhouse usage?

6. Do you need irrigation system and supply water system?

4.my information


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