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polycarbonate greenhouse

PC board greenhouse with its good insulation performance, strong impact resistance, light weight, large installation size, long service life, the United States everbright side, good visual feeling, the initial light transmission rate is higher many advantages, was once regarded as the "most new greenhouse structure" and by greenhouse builders and greenhouse manufacturers.

Product description

1.polycarbonate greenhouse The skeleton materials of the greenhouse is made by galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized and anti-rot bolts and screws, no welded point. And the Greenhouse can be used for exhibition, seed-breeding, flower or vegetable market or mall, ecological restaurant, teaching or scientific research, etc.

2.Supporting Systems: 

Outside Shading System, Inside Shading System, Cooling System, Heating System, Ventilation System, Seedbed System, Electric Control System, etc.

2.If you want a new greenhouse,please let me know below questions:

1. How much your land length and width?

 North and south length(m):         east and western width(m):

2. How much the highest temperature and the lowest temperature?

The highest temperature:       The lowest temperature:

3. How much your local electricity voltage and hertz?

 electricity voltage:        electricity hertz:

4. Do you have bigger wind ?

5. Can you tell me your need greenhouse usage?

6. Do you need irrigation system and supply water system?

3.My information


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