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Paraguay project Sawtooth greenhouse

date: 2023-11-03click: 565
1.multi span green house steel skeleton is made of hot dip galvanized structure, life time 25 yeas, the green house truss is made of 50*50 tube , with good snow and wind resistance ability.  greenhouse main column choose 100*100 tube, and vice column choose 100*50 tube
2.PO/PE film is clear or blue,  thickness is 150 microns and 200 micron with UV treatment, life time is 3 to 5 years.
3.green house inner shading sun net,In order to control the climate to meet the vegetable growing in the greenhouse, can use shading net close and open in different time, anto control the sun shading close and open 
4.green house cooling fan ,cooling fan and water pad can work together to down the temperature in the greenhouse common is 1380*1380*400mm
5.green house water pad: greenhouse water pad also called water curtain, aluminum frame or  stainless steel frame, water  pad thickness is 10cm and 15cm, with supply water pipe and return pipe  and motor
6 Green house sun shading net:Sun shading net is black round silk net, shading rate is 75%, open and close controlled by greenhouse motor and gear , rack. shading frame is 50*50 steel tube with hot dip galvanized coating Z275g
7.Side Ventilation systemfilm green house side wall ventilation system with manual fill rolling up device or electric roller the film roller can roll up 100 m film
8.Electric roof  window ventilation multi span green house the roof window  use electric film roller. roll up 100 meter per film roller, can have one or two ventilation window on the side of rain gutter