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Paraguay tomato sawtooth greenhouse is installing column and arch pipe!

author: Anadate: 2024-05-06click: 166

 1.The production cycle of this tomato serrated multi-film greenhouse order is 40 days from order to factory delivery time, with a total area of 22,000 square meters.

 2.tomato sawtooth greenhouse column height 6m,the top height 8.5m,it design top big sawtooth ventilation window!it can more good ventilation for top place.

 3.tomato sawtooth greenhouse do good foundation.

4.the arch pipe need install in the ground.

5.For more stronger for plant tomato hanger system,it design column sides support.

   Now the tomato sawtooth greenhouse is installing process,we will supply technogly support online help customer good install experience!hope our tomato sawtooth greenhouse will help customer bring good profits!We will also continue to monitor the progress of the installation at the site!