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EBBEN and flower table hydroponics

EBBEN and flower table hydroponics:





Product description

Tidal irrigation moving seedling bed is a kind of plastic structure of the bed surface, the bed surface is made of plastic tidal seedling tray, it is also known as the bottom irrigation bed.The tidal irrigated moving seedbed has the same columns and supports as the commercial metal structure seedbed, and the bed surface is made of impenetrable plastic seedbed moulded.During irrigation, the seedling tray is filled with clean water or nutrient solution, and it is kept for a certain time, so that the crops rely on capillary action through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot to absorb water.The irrigation water is then discharged from the beds and either collected for reuse or discharged directly into local sewer pipes.

Tidal irrigation moving seedbed is an advanced irrigation method designed for nutrient solution cultivation of potted plants, container seedling cultivation and soilless cultivation.This method uses the principle of drop to realize timed water supply and fertilization.A large number of experimental studies at home and abroad have shown that the growth of crops with tidal irrigation is obviously better than that with artificial irrigation. It can not only reduce the occurrence of gangrene and wrinkled leaves, but also reduce water consumption by 33% and improve water use efficiency by 40%.Because tidal irrigation has no shower effect, it can also reduce nitrogen use by 30%~35% and greatly improve the efficiency of nitrogen use.The nutrient solution recycling equipment system for tidal irrigation is composed of nutrient solution recycling system, operation control system, disinfection system and oxygenating device.

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