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Tower hydroponic

Tower hydroponic:

size:80 holes

size:100 holes

size 120 holes

diameter: biger and small teo type

Product description
Aeroponics is the most advanced and practical cultivation technology at present.
It can solve the problems of repeated crop, diseases and pests, anoxic root rot in soil culture, substrate culture and hydrostatic flow culture (hydroponics).
2. It is the most water-saving cultivation technique.
Aerosol culture can make the utilization rate of water reach 98%, which can be used in the production of scarce resources such as soil and water.
3. It is a planting technique with the most economical fertilizer.
The roots of aerosol cultivation plants are suspended in the air, with sufficient oxygen, and fertilizer and water supply directly to the roots, so the absorption and utilization rate of fertilizer is extremely high. Compared with soil cultivation, the fertilizer saving rate can reach more than 95%.
4, is the current production of safe vegetable food the most advanced technology.
Aero culture adopts aero barrel, aero tank or pyramid-shaped foam board planting system, which is a clean soilless environment without the space for bacteria and pests to breed and hide, and the incidence of diseases and insects is very small. Pesticide use can be reduced by 90 percent compared to soil cultivation.
5. It is a technology with a high yield increase.
The roots of aero-mist cultivated crops are mostly aero-roots with high efficiency of absorbing fertilizer and water, and combined with three-dimensional planting, the comprehensive yield increase rate can reach more than 5-10 times.
6. Not limited by soil and environment.
Aerosol cultivation can be carried out wherever there is electricity, water and light.
7. It is an advanced model of the cleanest agricultural production in the future.
It will become the most advanced technology for human health protection and ecological environment maintenance.
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