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seeding bed hydroponic Mobile seedbed

seeding bed bydroponic:





Product description

Mobile seedbed specifications:

The standard height of mobile seedbed is 0.7m, and the bracket base can be used to fine adjust about 5 cm, the bracket 20*40*1.5mm black material after welding hot dip galvanizing, suitable for spot seedbed width, spot standard width 1.7m-1.75-1.8, can also be set according to the width of the greenhouse, the length can be set according to user requirements; Mobile seedling bed mesh for 130㎜×30㎜ (length × width) wire diameter 3.0mm and 3.0+4.0mm, black welding and hot galvanizing material, high corrosion resistance, good bearing capacity, long life.

Mobile seedbed features:

1, manual drive, simple operation, easy to move. The frame of the seedbed is made of aluminum alloy, and the steel pipe and seedbed net of the bracket are all hot-dip galvanized, which can be used in humid environment for a long time.

2, can move to the left and right 300mm, can make the greenhouse use area of about 80%.

3, with a limit to prevent overturning device, to prevent the tilt problem caused by excessive weight.

Mobile seedbed configuration instructions:

Greenhouse configuration mobile seedbed number, according to seedling or production of actual greenhouse area to determine.

Service life of mobile seedbed:

20 years for textile mesh parts, 10 years for other structures.

For the 8-meter span, use a 1.7-meter seedbed for 4 rows

Put 5 rows of 9.6m span with 1.7m seedbed

A 1.8-meter seedbed is used for 5 rows with a 10.8-meter span

The 12-meter span is 6 rows with a 1.8-meter seedbed

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