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Tunnel greenhouse

this single greenhouse size:


2.arch pipe:30*60*2.0mm

3.cooling system

4.two side window

Product description

1.Characteristics of the film Single Unit Greenhouse

① Strong ability of temperature regulation, which can provide good crop growth and comfortable leisure environment.

Advanced and complete ventilation facilities, ensure that in summer when the temperature is high, can quickly cool down, dehumidification; winter when the temperature is low, to ensure the appropriate indoor temperature throughout the year.

Reasonable structure, high strength, neat appearance and beautiful appearance.

Reasonable structural design to ensure that the greenhouse has enough wind and rain load resistance, to ensure the appearance of the greenhouse neat, beautiful, but also to ensure the heat insulation, insulation performance.

Performance-price ratio is high, and daily use, maintenance costs are more lower.

The basic configuration of thin-film multi-span greenhouse is: high-quality hot-dip galvanized skeleton, fan, water curtain cooling system, electronic control system. According to the basic conditions of the greenhouse project and the requirements of the constructor, the greenhouse is used for crop cultivation.

Reasonable design, as far as possible to use natural conditions or low energy consumption equipment to adjust, improve the environment inside the greenhouse, reduce the overall cost of greenhouse; also greatly reduce the daily operating costs of greenhouse. The rational use of high quality products in the key parts of greenhouse will not obviously increase the overall cost of greenhouse while improving the performance and reliability of greenhouse, greatly reduce the accidents in the use of greenhouse, and reduce the cost of daily maintenance.

3.If you want a new greenhouse,please let me know below questions:

1. How much your land length and width?

 North and south length(m):         east and western width(m):

2. How much the highest temperature and the lowest temperature?

The highest temperature:       The lowest temperature:

3. How much your local electricity voltage and hertz?

 electricity voltage:        electricity hertz:

4. Do you have bigger wind ?

5. Can you tell me your need greenhouse usage?

6. Do you need irrigation system and supply water system?

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