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single greenhouse

Greenhouse design basis:

①  Relevant greenhouse standards.

②  The current national design and construction code and equipment requirements for building structures.

③  Actual use function of greenhouse.

④  Basic meteorological data of the project site

Product description

1.Greenhouse overview

According to the basic conditions of the greenhouse project and the requirements of the construction side, this project adopts the film singleunitgreenhouse, the appearance is beautiful and modern, the discharge and unloading wind is smooth, the structure is stable, and it is more suitable for the area with strong wind and light. Good shade, economic and suitable, suitable for crop cultivation, the top and aroundto be coveredwith 150um milk-white film.Greenhouse basic configuration: high-quality hot-dip galvanized skeleton, cooling system, electric control system. According to the basic conditions of the greenhouse project and the requirements of the constructor, it is used for crop cultivation.

2.Greenhouse specifications

Thin film single greenhouse spanfrom 6m to 30m meters, length20m to 100m meters, top height 3m to 7m, edge height 1.2m to 2.5m, around brick wall skirt height 0.3 meter. The arch rod adopts hot-dip galvanized elliptical tube, horizontal pull rod, vertical brace, shed head column, eight-character brace adopts30*60*2.0 hot-dip galvanized circular tube, string tube isΦ25*2.0 round tube.

3.If you want a new greenhouse,please let me know below questions:

1. How much your land length and width?

 North and south length(m):         east and western width(m):

2. How much the highest temperature and the lowest temperature?

The highest temperature:       The lowest temperature:

3. How much your local electricity voltage and hertz?

 electricity voltage:        electricity hertz:

4. Do you have bigger wind ?

5. Can you tell me your need greenhouse usage?

6. Do you need irrigation system and supply water system?

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