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China Polycarbonate greenhouse characteristic

author: suns zhangdate: 2023-03-12click: 1057

1.PC board transmittance:PC sunlight board can provide excellent transparency and surface gloss, so that the unit area of the greenhouse solar energy can be used as much as possible.

2.polycarbonate energy saving: there is lower than the ordinary greenhouse film thermal conductivity (K value), so that the heat loss is greatly reduced.

4. Sun plate impact resistance: PC is the best thermoplastic impact resistance, the sun plate has the reputation of "unbroken glass" and "ring steel". In contrast, thin-film greenhouses are very vulnerable to physical damage.

5.polycarbonate flame retardant, fire prevention: PC board has good fire resistance, by the national fire protection building materials supervision center test, PCpolycarbonate belongs to refractory B, from the fire is self-extinguishing. Film greenhouses in front of the fire is vulnerable, domestic every year there will be man-made fire caused by film greenhouses farmers suffer huge losses.