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What are multi span film greenhouse the advantages?

author: suns zhangdate: 2023-02-23click: 1077

As we all know, the use of greenhouse, the use of the area of nature is the bigger the better, thin film greenhouse can do this. The construction method adopted by the film greenhouse is not only very stable and reliable, can withstand the wind and rain, but also effectively expands the use of area, it exists in the form of the house, the space covers a larger area, so the use rate is higher, compared to the traditional greenhouse, the use of the film greenhouse can grow more flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, etc., so it is very popular. Beautiful and generous, cost-effective.

film greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, which is popular with users for its beautiful arc shape and low cost. The curved chamber top is beautiful and generous, the line of sight is smooth, and its structure uses steel, insulation performance is very good, and the scope of application is very wide, not only can be used in the plain place, in some plateau, deep mountains, deserts and other special environment can also be agricultural production, the market cost is relatively cheap, so its overall cost performance is relatively high, Therefore, the greenhouse can be widely welcomed by people.

1.During daily irrigation, check whether the working pressure and flow of each irrigation group are consistent with the design, and whether all drip irrigation pipes can drain water, and record;

2. When irrigation is stopped every day, operators should stop field patrol and timely repair damaged pipes, field valves and drip irrigation pipes;
3. When stopping irrigation every week, open the end of each drip irrigation pipe in turn and wash away the accumulated fine particles at the end of the drip irrigation pipe with high pressure water flow. The pipelines should be opened one by one to ensure sufficient pressure and should not be opened in a small area;
4. When the drip irrigation pipe is working, ensure that the water outlet of the drip head is facing upward to prevent dust inhalation and blockage when the drip irrigation pipe is cut off;
5. Drip irrigation pipe shall be on the ground and shall not be submerged by sand;
6. During the irrigation season of the air valve, always ensure that the lower ball valve is in full open position to clean up any damage caused by air.